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Pure Tungsten Bar

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High Purity Tungsten Bars

Are you looking for truly excellent quality of tungsten?

Then you are at the right place. We guarantee that our tungsten has a purity of ≥ 99.97 % W.

High Purity Tungsten Bar W-1 (W≥99.97%)

Mainly used for foundry materials tool bit of processing lathe, and conductors, steel-making burdening and additives crankshaft and cylinder burdening and electrodes for advanced automobiles for the manufacture of guns, artillery, rockets, satellites, aircrafts and ships.


Shine with grey or dark grey metallic luster.
Properties: Grade: W-1.
Purity: W≥99.97%
Size: (12x12x350) mm


1. Mainly used for casting raw materials for ingredients and forging special steel and drawn steel wires;
2. Used for processing cutter heads, tungsten wire and other heat conductors for lighting equipment;
3. Used for manufacturing crankshaft and cylinder barrel for advanced automobiles, and casting a variety of heat-resistant steel ingredients;
4. Widely used in manufacturing guns, artillery, rockets, satellites, airplanes, and ships.


Wooden case (400�6) � (165�6) � (130�6) mm (inner) Quantity: 35 pieces/case Net Weight: 29-31.5 kg/case

Main Contents (%) W: ≥ 99.97