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NEW YEAR GIFT BONANZA - Namaste Shares Open For Public

Jan 07, 2017

Dear All,

As we are the first profit sharing company to the sectors of both Online & Offline affiliate business arena, our Unique “Namaste Loyalty Partnership” program benefits our every member/customer to help them achieve a better lifestyle with oceans of opportunity. Namaste is introducing more and more businesses in diversified sectors like Investment, IT, Finance, Marketing, Advertising & commercials to the local and international marketplaces. In the meantime, we wish to serve our Loyal Members with a surprise NEW YEAR GIFT BONANZA. Namaste proudly offers its ordinary shares (Equity Shares) for the first time to the members which had never happened in the field of membership based Businesses. Namaste officially issues its 25,000,000 ordinary shares to the public for sale.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we always strive to serve you better. Together we are strong!

Detail Information:

Share Packages:

  1. Basic: 10,000 shares
  2. Intermediate: 50,000 shares
  3. Advance: 100,000 shares

Initial share price (Par Value) is HKD 1 per share until the initial 100,000 numbers of shares are sold out. Share price will increase by HKD 0.01 every time new sales of 100,000 shares happens.


‘A’ buys 100,000 shares @ HKD1 each.

i.e. ‘A’ pays HKD 100,000 to buy 100,000 shares


’B’ buys 100,000 shares @ HKD 1.01 each after ‘A’ buys 100,000 shares.

i.e. ‘B’ pays HKD 101,000 to buy 100,000 shares.

Please try to buy your desired package shares at par value or a cheaper rate. Grab it now.

Process to buy Namaste Shares:

  1. Need to submit the duly signed share application form to the Namaste Office. For Overseas Investors, please send us the duly signed application form at this email: [email protected] . Share Application Form can be downloaded from member’s back office.
  2. The person 18 years old or over from around the world can buy Namaste Shares.
  3. Required Documents must be submitted when closing application for buying Namaste Shares. Hong Kong Permanent residents need to submit the copy of HKID, recent residential Address proof and the Bank details. Overseas investors need to submit their valid Passport copy, their Permanent Residential Address and Bank details.
  4. Payment Option to buy Namaste shares: a) Cheque, b) Cash Deposit to Namaste Office, c) Credit Cards via PayPal, d) 100% Loyalty Wallet, e) 50% Loyalty Wallet + 50% Cash Wallet.

Note: Namaste is the first Company that offer its ordinary shares to the Loyal Members in the field of membership based businesses. Namaste Members can buy Namaste Shares by using their Loyalty Wallet and Cash Wallet as well. Withdrawal Pending will anytime be changed to the Loyalty Wallet upon request of the authorized account holder.

Share Marketing Incentives:

S. No.


Referrer Commission

Sales dividend Pool




1% of new sales of the month




1% of new sales of the month




1% of new sales of the month

Wish you all a promising business ahead!

“Shop, Share and Earn with Namaste”.

-Board of Directors

Namaste Holdings Limited.